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So is this all totally free?
Yes and no. Customers pay regular shop rates. Shops can create an account for free and play around with the service while they wait for our approval. Once approved, the shop can do business for free for 30 days, and after then pay a fee on all transactions.

What do I do if I have a problem?
Can't log in? Credit card declined, or charged improperly? Have a suggestion? E-mail us at support@skeedyid.com and we'll get you sorted. If your login problem is password-related, try clicking forgot password, even if you're pretty sure you have it right.

Ack, my pages are ugly and things don't work!
Stay calm. You could have hit a momentary snag. Try a hard refresh: CTRL+F5, CTRL+R or CMD+R, or clear your cache. Maybe we don't support your browser. The site works best in Google Chrome, and will not work on older versions of Internet Explorer.

How do I use skeedy?
We're working on adding some helpful hints to guide you along, but in the meantime, here's how to do a couple of common tasks:

Most new users will want to go straight to the Shops section to add a new Favorite Shop. Shop owners can click Apply to Skeedy in the upper right to start the application process and get their shop on Skeedy!

For regular users, if you allow Skeedy access to your location information, we can auto-center the map on your current position, and you'll see local shops immediately. If you need to look elsewhere, or if the automatic centering didn't work, you can type whatever you want into the search field just like you would with Google Maps. Once you find the shop you're looking for in the list below, click Add to Favorites, and you're good to go to the next step. By the way, if you signed up at a shop, it's automatically assigned to your favorites.

Armed with your new favorite shop, you can either rent equipment or submit a service request. Click Rentals if you're renting, but if you want services on your own equipment, you're first going to have to head over to equipment and add whatever it is that needs service. In the case of ski binding services, you will need to add equipment to individual family members so that technicians can see their skier information, however for most services requests, the person doesn't matter. After adding the equipment that needs service, click Services on the left menu, and fill out the form.

The service and rental forms consist of a few choices on top (pick the shop, dates, etc.) and a main form which reacts to those choices. Once you fill out the main form, you can add a service or rental to your order. You can then repeat the process to add more orders, or edit/remove the orders from the list on the right. When you finish setting up your order, click the button below the list to read and agree to the shop's terms, and then click Checkout to pay.

You will be brought to an external web page hosted by FirstData, our payment partner, who will securely collect your credit card information and charge your account. Once you complete the payment form, you will be returned to Skeedy and should be able to see your rental equipment on the equipment page, or your service request on the services page. You will have to use the large tab buttons to switch tabs to see both of these views.

There are many more functions and pages to explore, but this should get you started.

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